Marian McKee, STEM for Her

Marian McKee, STEM for Her

The Women in Technology Education Foundation announced Oct. 28 that it has changed its name to STEM for Her and is launching a new strategic vision, brand and website to accompany it.

“Opportunities for women in technology-related careers are growing around the world,” STEM for Her chairwoman Dr. Marian McKee said. “With our new vision, STEM for Her is well poised to empower women to change the world.”

STEM for Her promotes education to create awareness, excitement and opportunities among girls and young women to pursue successful science, technology, engineering and math related careers. Founded in 2003 by Women in Technology, the Falls Church, Va.-based non-profit offers financial support to help young women excel in STEM-related careers.

A change in the brand was necessary because leaders of the organization wanted to more accurately portray who the organization is and what it is trying to achieve.

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