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Ken Nysmith, Headmaster of Nysmith School for the Gifted

Ken Nysmith

Headmaster of The Nysmith School

Ken Nysmith is the Head of School for the Nysmith School for the Gifted in Herndon Virginia.

The Nysmith School is a private school for gifted children. Established in 1983, the school currently serves over 550 students ages 3- 8th grade. The school uses a one to nine teacher to student ratio to diversify reading and math up to 4 grade levels above grade. The school is known primarily for it’s strong STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program, however, less well known is the powerful and diversified language arts and humanities programs. The student’s daily curriculum includes reading, math, science, technology, foreign language, social studies, and either physical education, or character education.

In 2015 the school was named One Of The Top 10 Schools in the World By Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth 2015 Talent Search. In 2014, The Nysmith School was awarded the Tommy Award by Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology for the “Disproportionate” achievement of Nysmith graduates at TJ. Nysmith has consistently scored in the Top 1% in every category on the IOWA Standardized Testing for 10+ years.

The emphasis of the school is to make school fun. The school minimizes repetition in the classroom as well as homework.

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