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Eric Schierling, Former Fighter Pilot and Program Director at Vencore

Eric Schierling

Former Fighter Pilot and Program Director at Vencore

As a Director with Vencore’s Space Group, Mr. Eric H. Schierling is leading the application of innovative systems engineering to transform National Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities using agile, capability-driven approaches. Eric is responsible for the technical and financial execution of Vencore’s support to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), System Engineering Directorate (SED) delivering enterprise solutions for the warfighter community.

Eric’s interest in technology and engineering began early. As a boy he worked summers in his grandfather’s machine shop in the anthracite coal capital of the U.S., Scranton PA, machining parts for industrial equipment and installing commercial-grade heating systems.

Eric was able to pursue his passions of engineering, aviation, and serving his country while studying electrical engineering at the University of Rochester with an NROTC scholarship, and was later commissioned and “winged” as a Naval Strike Fighter Pilot flying the F/A-18 Hornet.

During a 13 year military aviation career Eric amassed >2500 hours and >400 carrier landings including combat operations in Iraq and Yugoslavia. He graduated from the U.S. Navy “Top Gun” Fighter Weapons School and the Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor course, was awarded 2 Air Medals, named the East Coast F/A-18 “Pilot of the Year”, and is the recipient of the Nelson Leadership Award.

Although Eric’s aviation career led him to United Airlines to fly the Boeing 727 and the Airbus A319/320, on 9/11/2001, while at the flight controls over Pennsylvania, the events of that day would call him back to serve in support of the intelligence and security challenges facing our nation.

Eric joined Lockheed Martin and provided leadership and innovative solutions as Program Manager for support to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Special Access Programs, as well as the integration of numerous NRO remote sensing capabilities. Eric was the recipient of the Lockheed Martin Presidents Excellence Award, and the IS&S Excellence Award.

Eric holds a Masters in the Management of IT from the University of Virginia. Eric is a native Washingtonian, lives with his wife, Beth in Ashburn, VA, and has a daughter and 3 sons. Eric is an avid member of the community, teaching classes, coaching sports and serving various community and professional organizations.

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