stem featuredSchool librarians and media specialists at Educator Labs have launched an effort to curate and conserve the scholastic web. The group has been building a digital resource bank to connect educators with resources to bolster their teaching.

Though still in its infancy, the resource bank archives references that the grassroots group has deemed to be high quality and provides them for browsing by students and educators.

Kelly Campbell, a research committee member at Educator Labs, has during the past months led a project to assemble educational STEM resources. You can find the links to the group’s findings below:

Math Activities for Kids

Financial Literacy and Real Estate Investment Lesson Plans

Crunch the Numbers: Do More Math, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids

The Kids’ Guide to Simple Machines in Cars

Wildlife and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators

Forest Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids

Kids Know It Network

An Intro to Logistics for Kids

Astronomy for Kids

K-8 Space Education Resources