About the K-12 STEM Symposium

The K-12 STEM Symposium is a free, exciting and all-day forum that equally engages children, parents, and teachers, coupled with corporate, government, academia and non-profit executives alike from the STEM fields.

Linking science and mathematics taught in the classroom to impactful careers is an ongoing national challenge. This year’s Symposium will help children discover new and exciting possibilities in the STEM fields within the National Capital Region. Elementary, middle and high school students will learn about computer coding, space, 3D printing, drones, connected cars and healthcare through a wide range of fun and interactive exhibitors and speakers.

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High school and college internship opportunities can help students better understand exciting and wide-ranging careers available to those with STEM degrees. Summer and school-year STEM enrichment programs are a large part of a child’s interest in becoming proficient in the mathematics and sciences. Simple tools such as educational science and technology apps, family-friendly physics experiments and robotics building can also influence a child’s proficiently in the math and science.

Activities for the day include hands-on children activities such as student robotics teams, flight simulator competitions, 3D printers, and other science and mathematics exhibits. Parents and students will also be able to hear compelling speakers in the STEM field discuss their careers in the workforce. Attendees will also find information about government and industry high school and college STEM internships.

 Quick Facts

  • This is the fourth year running since the initial STEM Symposium in 2014. We have only grown in size and diversity of age ranges, gender and race
  • We project over 3,000 parents, kids and teachers to be in attendance
  • Over 40 exhibitors from the business, government, academia and nonprofit sectors will be represented
  • Exhibits include 3D printers, drones, flights simulators, physics experiences, heart monitors, topography models, puzzles and many robotics teams
  • Over 20 local students will present top science fair projects before regional competition

The largest K-12 STEM Symposium in Northern Virginia, the Symposium provides the opportunity for students, parents and teachers in the National Capital Region (NCR) to interact with key business, education, non-profit and government leaders through real-life applications and presentations about how science, technology, engineering and mathematics impacts our community.